Who am I?

Hello! I'm Justin (on the left)! 

I am a designer, illustrator, photographer, beer enthusiast, husband, and a proud new father. I am normally described as an energetic, friendly, outgoing, tattooed spaz, and I am okay with that I think...

The arts have drawn my attention as long as I can remember, and I've been spent my life building my skills. I am one of the few lucky people that get to do what they love for a living, and I enjoy every opportunity that comes my way. My career began in photography, where I began as most do with senior portraits, weddings, and the sort. This only fueled my passion further, and I moved into fashion, as well as a published photo-journalist in Grand Rapids, MI. I spread my wings a bit, traveled the country and landed in Seattle, where I would spend the next seven years building my design skills. This led me to working with non-profits designing tees and other merchandise, as well as apparel, and most notably working with one of the fastest growing breweries in Seattle.

Currently I am based out of Detroit, Michigan, where I have continued a freelance career in design and illustration that I started in Seattle. Here, I've built a relationship with some great clients, met my beautiful wife (on the right), and recently became a father to a baby girl that I love more than words can say. My passion has only grown deeper as I have progressed, and I love to give back art that reflects my style and personality, for my clients to enjoy for years to come.